Elon Musk's Decision To Charge $1 For New X Accounts Will Put A 'Massive Dent' To Abuse, Security Researcher Says

Grand News Network | October 18, 2023

Elon Musk's decision to charge a $1 annual fee for new accounts on X (formerly Twitter) could actually be able to combat the massive problem of platform abuse and bots, according to security researcher Troy Hunt.

What Happened: Musk's X announced that new accounts will be charged an annual fee of $1 if they want more than just "read-only" access. The nominal $1 fee will unlock the ability to post, X announced earlier today.

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While this might seem controversial and quite contrary to the idea of increasing the number of active users on X, Hunt believes it can put a "massive dent" into the problem of abuse and bots.

"I’ve no doubt based on my own experiences that it’ll put a massive dent in abuse ...

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